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Record year for sea ports

Source: rp.pl, Agnes Stefanska 26-02-2011
Polish seaports last year grossed over 100 million zł. This is one of the best results in the last decade. Top fell out the port of Gdynia. The year 2010 ended with a net profit of EUR 43.3 million zł, the second largest in the history of the company. As said the president Janusz Jarosinski, the result turned out better than forecast at the beginning of 2010. - Net profit was a record year across the last decade - says Jarosław Sergei, president of the company managing the ports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie. - We owe it largely received compensation for the expropriation of property for the construction of LNG terminal and incinerators. {read more...}

More and more people and goods in the air

Source: rp.pl, ais 02-03-2011
Source: rp.pl, ais 02-03-2011Od beginning of the year traffic at Polish airports is growing at about 7 percent. compared to the beginning of the year 2010. Record is the boat, where the number of customers in the first months increased by 22 percent. Gdańsk and Katowice lost passengers in connection with the reference charter flights to Egypt. Only in January this year, Polish airports served 1.34 million people. It's about 7 percent. more than at the same time, same year. Fastest developing ports in Lodz, Katowice and Poznan. Number of passengers in Warsaw and Krakow has increased by more than 7 percent. - Traffic in January and February grew by about 22 percent. - Says Katarzyna Dobrowolska, a spokesman for Lodz airport. {read more...}

A breakthrough in the permits for the transport of the East

Source: www.mi.gov.pl, Ministry of Infrastructure, 08/02/2011
In connection with the acceptance by the International Transport Forum (ITF), Russia's decision to waive the restrictions on the number of ECMT permits valid in the Russian Federation, taken at a meeting of the Transport Board on November. February 2, 2011, in Paris, all authorizations, ECMT 2011, owned by Polish carriers to authorize the operations to and from thethe territory of of the Russian Federation . Due to the nature of the decision and its impact on Member States to the International Transport Forum, yet it requires technical decisions on how to implement it in practice. {read more...}


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