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The safety and timeliness of transport services is easily verifiable through our advanced systems trackingowym. Thanks to them, anytime you get valuable information on where at the moment your product is and what is its status.

We cooperate with numerous tracking service providers so that our clients not only enjoy the benefits of these solutions, but we can choose the best method of tracking for us.

We invite you to cooperate with Polish transport companies. In order to start our cooperation, please contact us and submit a bid on the specifications of our e-mail.


Our offer

Transport services
Rapid transport in road transport between Poland and the above countries, the organization of daily shipments of full trucks loads and partial cargo transportation, in particular, to / from Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Baltic countries - Turkey - United Kingdom, France and Spain, transport of goods between different countries, in which transport between Scandinavia / Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. Read more...

Customs clearance and storage
Storage of goods in a customs warehouse, customs clearance, distribution, logistics management, transportation "from door to door, daily distribution of goods to Poland, the Jumbo Transport Poland solutions tailor-made projects in transport and shipping. Our goal is to strengthen the market position of the customer through the proper implementation of forwarding and logistics services with a favorable value for money. Read more...



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