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In our work, Jumbo Transport Poland company attaches particular importance to environmental protection. Through this subpage trying to encourage not only our customers, partners and competitors for greater awareness of the importance of people who can contribute to environmental changes.

We believe that with appropriate involvement of the possible is the introduction of logistics / commercial permanent solutions such as biodiesel, better management of energy resources, or even e-invoices, which we use in cooperation with our customers.


  • throw up a gear as soon as possible
  • do not be afraid to low turnover
  • acccelerate always dynamically
  • predict the situations on the road and drive smoothly
  • whenever you can, brake by the motor

Benefits of ecodriving can be: reducing diesel consumption by up to 25%, which means saving of 3 liters of fuel per 100 km. Not to mention that, by quiet and economical driving all the parts wear out, to a lesser extent.


Our offer

Transport services
Rapid transport in road transport between Poland and the above countries, the organization of daily shipments of full trucks loads and partial cargo transportation, in particular, to / from Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Baltic countries - Turkey - United Kingdom, France and Spain, transport of goods between different countries, in which transport between Scandinavia / Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. Read more...

Customs clearance and storage
Storage of goods in a customs warehouse, customs clearance, distribution, logistics management, transportation "from door to door, daily distribution of goods to Poland, the Jumbo Transport Poland solutions tailor-made projects in transport and shipping. Our goal is to strengthen the market position of the customer through the proper implementation of forwarding and logistics services with a favorable value for money. Read more...



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